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all in one audiometer

All In One Solution

The KUDUwave™ combines the headset, audiometer and soundbooth in a lightweight, portable device that takes you from screening to full diagnostic and high frequency audiometry in a single solution.

automated audiometry

Simple Digital Interface

No more analogue knobs and buttons. Simple, easy to use, digital controls with super efficient keyboard commands make testing quick and easy

tele-audiology audiometer

Tele-audiology Enabled

Take your services to where they are needed the most with the power of telemedicine.

more than an audiometer

Integrated Patient Data

Patient management and cloud storage options mean your data is safe, secure and always available.

automated audiometer

Automation At It's Best

Save time with fully automated testing or dive deep with manual control, the choice is yours.

boothless audiometer

Booth Free Audiometry

The KUDUwave™ replaces the need for a sound booth and enables truly portable audiometry in almost any environment.

KUDUwave™ Prime

Built to meet the demands of modern hearing screening, the KUDUwave™ Prime offers speed, accuracy and portability

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portable audiometer KUDUwave™ Plus

The ideal solution for audiology practices, clinics and mobile audiologists alike. Offering pure tone air, bone, speech and more.

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portable audiometer

KUDUwave™ Pro

Including extended high frequencies (16kHz) it is the perfect tool for audiology practices and ototoxicity monitoring.

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audiometer calibration verification

Daily audiometer calibration checks just got a whole lot easier

X-check puts the power of digital calibration checks right inside your KUDUwave™ audiometer. Assuring, accurate, dependable, digital calibration verification is always at your fingertips.

Comply with the requirements for daily routine checks in less time than it takes to make your morning tea.

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