portable, diagnostic, booth-free audiometers

audiometers made to make a difference

Portability without compromise

Designed for portability from the ground up, KUDUwave PC based audiometers offer unflinching quality, reliability and provide the versatility you need for on-the-go screening and diagnostic audiometry almost anywhere.
By combining the headset, audiometer and audiometric sound booth into a single lightweight device, the KUDUwave enables truly portable audiometry and fully booth-free testing.

Booth Free Audiometry

KUDUwave™ advanced technology outperforms standard sound booths and enables truly portable audiometry in almost any environment.
Whether for screening or diagnostics the KUDUwave provides a true alternative to traditional audiometry equipment.
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Tele-audiology Enabled

Offer services at a distance and be where you are needed most through the power of telemedicine.  Integrated patient management system & cloud storage coupled with tele-audiology enabled features means that you can take your services to those who need it most!

Simple, Intuitive and Always Free

KUDUwave software allows you to seamlessly switch between patient capturing and testing tasks so you can save time and improve efficiency.
It includes the core test battery such as pure tone audiometry (Bone conduction and air conduction) and speech testing. No license fees or subscriptions.

Cloud Connected

Backup and share patient records with internal systems for company-wide retrieval from branch to branch. Ensure that your data is always safe and easily retrievable no matter what happens.
No more paperwork, no more duplications.

Integrated Patient Data

Audiometry software integrated with patient management and cloud storage options mean your data is safe, secure and always available within a single system

Automation At Its Best

Work while you work with time-saving automated conditioning and testing. Set your own automated workflow for repeatable testing your way

ISO 13485   CE Audiometer

FDA Clearance, Calibrated to ANSI S3.6, OSHA & SANS 10154-1 & 2 Compliant

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KUDUwave™ Prime

Built to meet the demands of modern occupational health hearing loss screening, the KUDUwave™ Prime offers speed, accuracy and portability

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KUDUwave™ Plus

The ideal solution for all audiology practices, clinics and mobile audiologists alike. Offering pure tone air, bone, speech testing and more. 

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KUDUwave™ Pro

Including all he features of the KUDUwave Plus and extended high frequencies (16kHz) it is the perfect tool for audiology practices and ototoxicity monitoring.

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audiometer calibration verification

Daily calibration checks just got a whole lot easier

X-check puts the power of digital calibration checks right inside your KUDUwave™. Assuring, accurate, dependable, digital calibration verification is always at your fingertips.

Comply with the requirements for daily routine checks in less time than it takes to make your morning tea.

Calibration Verification