KUDUwave™ Plus

Diagnostic Audiometer




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Boothless Diagnostic Audiometer

KUDUwave™ Plus

Diagnostic Audiometer

The KUDUwave Plus is a portable diagnostic audiometer offering fully validated diagnostic audiometric testing without a sound booth. With everything integrated into a single, lightweight device you can rest assured of only the highest quality testing in a portable form factor that is able to take you anywhere.


The KUDUwave™ Plus includes pure tone air conduction and bone conduction with both manual and automatic masking as well as speech testing. Ambi-dome technology blocks out background/ambient noise and continuously monitors noise in real-time during testing.

The KUDUwave is the only audiometer validated for accurate diagnostic testing without a sound booth. Thereby reducing cost, saving space, and enabling clinicians to provide access to hearing healthcare almost anywhere.


These are just some of the features that make the KUDUwave the ideal solution for audiology practices, clinics and mobile audiologists alike.


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Boothless Diagnostic Audiometry

The KUDUWave is the world's only Diagnostic Audiometer validated for boothless testing. Our unique technology outperforms standard (single wall) audiometric sound booths which enables truly mobile audiology and testing in almost any environment. A real-world, high-fidelity alternative to traditional audiometry equipment.
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Tele-audiology Enabled

The power of telemedicine opens up a world of possibilities for your practice and enabling the provision of services without the limitations of geography. Tele-audiology capabilities coupled with integrated patient management & cloud storage enable state of the art tele-audiology services allowing you to be where you are needed most.  

Intuitive Audiometry Software

KUDUwave 5 software is full featured audiology suit that is simple and easy to use. Seamless switching between data capturing and patient testing on the fly as well as automatic and manual testing options (AC & BC with auto and manual masking ) save you time and energy.  Smart folders (built-in workflow tools) combine with customisable testing protocols for the ultimate in testing productivity and quality control.

Cloud Connected Storage

No more paperwork, no more duplications. Simply backup and/or synchronize patient records with internal systems for system-wide retrieval and reporting. With cloud-enabled storage features your data is fully encrypted, safe, and easily retrievable no matter what happens or where you are.

Integrated Patient Management

Store and manage unlimited patient records and perform your testing all within a single interface. KUDUwave software offers integrated patient management and audiometry tools in a unified system that allows you to switch from testing to record keeping and assistive interpretations quickly and easily.

Automatic Or Manual Control

Work while you work with time-saving automated conditioning (multi-lingual) and testing. Set your own automated test protocol for repeatable testing just the way you like it or easily switch to manual control on the fly.

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KUDUwave™ Plus Features

  • Boothless Testing
  • Active Noise Monitoring
  • Talk Forward
  • Customisable Automated And Manual Testing Protocols
  • Patient Compliance Monitoring
  • Pre-recorded Speech Word Lists
  • Tele-audiology  Enabled
  • Intuitive PC Based Audiometry Software
  • Patient Management Built-in
  • Custom Branded Reports
  • Assistive Interpretation
  • Built-in Calibration Verification With Xcheck


  • Manual tone threshold testing (Air, Bone, Masking, MCL, UCL)
  • Automatic diagnostic tone thresholds seeking (Air, Bone, Masking)
  • Pure Tone Air Conduction
  • Bone Conduction (forehead)
  • Automated threshold seeking 
  • Integrated speech audiometry (SD, SRT)
  • Stenger Test
  • Modified Hughson and Westlake
  • Narrowband noise masking
  • Automatic non-test ear masking for air and bone conduction

iso 13485 BSI     CE Audiometer

FDA Clearance, Calibrated to ANSI S3.6, OSHA & SANS 10154-1 & 2 Compliant

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