KUDUwave™ Prime

Screening Audiometer

booth free audiometer

Boothless Testing

The KUDUwave™ is the only audiometer validated for truly booth-free operation almost anywhere

Patient management

Integrated Patient Data

Patient management and cloud storage options mean your data is safe, secure and always available.

Automatic audiometry

Automation At It's Best

Save time with fully automated testing or dive deep with manual control. The choice is yours.

KUDUwave™ Prime

The KUDUwave™ Prime is a screening audiometer, sound-booth and headset integrated into a single, lightweight device capable of testing without the restrictions of a traditional sound booth.

Speed and accuracy are essential in meeting the demands of high volume occupational health and safety testing. Automatic testing protocols can be customised to suit your testing needs. saving you valuable time and manpower. Improving the efficiency of your service offering and adding value to customers needs.


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KUDUwave™ Features

  • Automatic and Manual Screening
  • Automated threshold seeking
  • Pure tone air testing
  • Patient compliance; false positive response indication and response button accuracy monitoring.
  • Active Noise Monitoring - (real-time noise interference detection at the ear)
  • Automatic PLH Shift Reporting
  • Customisable Testing Options
  • Patient Management and Medical Record Suite (KUDUwave 5 Software)
  • Telemedicine Enabled
  • Easy To Use, PC Based Interface
  • Superimposed Audiogram Viewer
  • Customisable Audiogram Branding
  • and more...

ISO 13485   CE Audiometer

FDA Clearance, Calibrated to ANSI S3.6, OSHA & SANS 10154-1 & 2 Compliant


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Active Noise Monitoring

The KUDUwave™ monitors ambient noise in real time and ensures accuracy by either automatically pausing testing until noise subsides, repeating affected frequencies, and/or reporting affected frequencies for later retesting.

Booth free Audiology

The combination of the KUDUwave™ earcups, insert earphones and ANM attenuates sound better than a single walled sound booth. This unique ability makes the KUDUwave™ the only truly boothless (incl. bone conduction) audiometry solution

Patient Conditioning and Compliance Monitoring

Intelligent software automatically conditions patients to the test environment in their own language. 
During testing, software algorithms provide false positive response indications and response button accuracy monitoring.

Tele-Audiology Takes You Anywhere

Empower your practice with world-class Tele-Audiology screening and diagnostic services with built-in store and forward technology. 

Mobile occupational health screening with the KUDUwave™


KUDUwave™ Plus

The ideal solution for audiology practices, clinics and mobile audiologists alike. Offering pure tone air, bone, speech and more. 

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KUDUwave™ Pro

Including extended high frequencies (16kHz) it is the perfect tool for audiology practices and ototoxicity monitoring.

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