KUDUwave™ Prime

Screening Audiometer



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Screening Audiometer


KUDUwave™ Prime

Screening Audiometer


A portable screening audiometer capable of audiometric testing without a sound booth.

The KUDUwave integrates the audiometer, headset and sound-booth into a single, lightweight device. Offering mobile hearing testing without the restrictions of audiometric booths.

Speed and accuracy are essential in meeting the demands of occupational health screening. This is why KUDUwave testing software allows you to create and edit protocols on the go. Customise testing protocols to suit your needs.


Take advantage automation for repeatable, reliable and consistent results. Efficient, time-saving testing almost anywhere without compromising on quality.


Truly, the best of both worlds.

It Gets Even Better

Everything you expect with even more that you don't

Booth Free Audiometry

KUDUwave™ advanced attenuation technology outperforms standard sound booths and enables truly portable audiometry in almost any environment.
Ideal for occupational health, hearing conservation and school screening. Everything you would expect in modern audiometry equipment and more.

Simple Software That Is Always Free

KUDUwave software allows you to seamlessly switch between patient capturing and testing tasks saving you valuable time.
The easy to use interface includes the core test battery, patient and medical records management as well as various systems integrations.
All with no license fees or subscriptions.

Patient Management Built-In

The very best in audiometry software and built-in patient management with convenient and secure cloud storage.
Your data stays safe, secure and always available no matter where you go.

Automation At It's Best

Work while you work with time-saving automated conditioning and testing. Set your own automated workflow for repeatable testing your way. We have even added X-check for automated calibration verification. Digital biological calibration checks at the click of a button.

iso 13485 BSI   CE Audiometer

FDA Clearance, Calibrated to ANSI S3.6, OSHA & SANS 10154-1 & 2 Compliant



Let's Get Technical

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KUDUwave™ Prime Features

  • Automatic And Manual Testing Options
  • Automatic Air Conduction Threshold Seeking
  • Automatic PLH Shift Reporting
  • Pure Tone Air Conduction Audiometry
  • False Positive Response reporting
  • Response Accuracy Monitoring
  • Active Noise Monitoring - (Real-time Detection And Reporting)
  • Customisable Testing Options


  • Patient Management And Medical Record Suite (Kuduwave 5 Software)
  • Telemedicine Enabled
  • Cloud Connected
  • Easy To Use, Pc Based Interface
  • Superimposed Audiogram Viewer
  • Customisable Audiogram Branding
  • Free Software
  • Online Support
  • Built-in Calibration Verification
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