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 audiometer calibration verification

Digital Calibration Verification Built-in


Daily calibration verification checks are now quicker and easier than your morning tea.

X-check (cross-check) is a digital calibration verification tool designed as an add-on for all KUDUwave™  devices.
It enables accurate calibration verification (within 5dB) to objectively ensure the precision of your results.

Annual electroacoustic calibration of audiometers is standard practice in most countries.
With some requiring quarterly calibrations in occupational health.

But what happens in between calibration intervals?

Biological calibration checks are common practice and are intended to ensure the accuracy of your device.  But how many professionals actually check their calibration outside of annual requirements?

Why biological calibration isn't good enough

Biological calibration checks are the traditional solution, however, biological tests are both subjective and have an effective 20dB allowance,  making them fundamentally unreliable.
Even a common cold can affect hearing, which will also impact on the results.

Not only are biological calibration checks inaccurate, but they are also, time-consuming.

As a result, checks are rarely performed, with severe tests quality, cost, ethical and legal risk implications.

An X-check calibration verification takes just 30 seconds which makes it quick and easy to comply with best practice and applicable standards.


X-check Biological Calibration replacement;

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