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Biological Calibration Check Just Got The Boot


Daily biological calibration checks are now quicker and easier than making your morning tea.

X-check (cross-check) is a digital calibration verification tool designed to replace biological calibrations and is available as an add-on for all KUDUwave™ devices.
It enables accurate calibration verification (within 5dB) to objectively measure and ensure the precision of your results.

Clinicians are required to calibrate their audiometers annually. While in some standards such as the South African SANS 10154-1.3,  quarterly calibration intervals are required for portable audiometers, or for any audiometer that is moved around and used in occupational health.

But what happens between calibration intervals?

Audiologists, audiometrists or anyone operating an audiometer are required to perform daily biological calibration checks in almost every standard. These checks are intended to ensure that your audiometer is performing as expected and help to ensure that your results are as accurate as possible. But, how many clinicians or occupational health practitioners actually do this standard check?


Why biological calibrations aren't good enough

Biological tests are subjective in nature, because of this they are given an allowance within an effective 20dB range. While still necessary, this fact makes them inaccurate as even a 10dB variation in test results could make all the difference.
A common cold can affect your hearing levels, even before you are acutely aware that you are ill. These small variations contribute to the lack of accuracy of the results of a biological test.
With such broad allowances and subjectivity, one cannot solely rely on this form of verification.

Accuracy is not the only issue. They are also time-consuming and in a world where time is short, biological checks are often passed over in favour of getting on with the day. Skipping over this vital part of the daily process has severe quality, cost, ethical and legal risk implications.

That is why we developed X-check.
X-check replacees biological calibration checks with a more reliable and accurate digital calibration verification that takes just 30 seconds to run.
With X-check you will not only save valuable time but you are also able to ensure that you stay compliant with the relevant standards and follow best practice.


X-check Biological Calibration replacement;

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